Sunday, 27 January 2013

Welcome to the first blog post by Central Public School’s ¾ class, we are the health buddies! Our names are Bethany and Luzha and we’ve been having a wonderful time planning lessons and interacting with our class since October. Originating from the wonderful university of Queens, we are both in third year and have smoothly been accepted into the circle of ¾-dom thanks to Bethany’s long blonde hair and my ( Luzha’s) on/off wearing of glasses, truly stimulating topics for our buddies.
            Our focus in the classroom has been on topics like healthy eating, nutrition and maintaining physical activity in order to stay healthy and fit. This has involved leading discussions about Canada’s food guide, the four food groups and doing activities like drawing healthy and balanced meals. We have been working in conjunction with the ¾ Health and Science teacher and much of our activities have been complementing nutrition lessons that have been taugh. We reinforce concepts in easy and fun ways, for example we played nutrition jeopardy in class today.
            Our last lesson introduced food nutrition labels and we played a matching game with everything that can be found on a label. It was a fun way incorporate their previous knowledge on labels and introduce some new concepts like calories, saturated and unsaturated fats! Can you think of something more fun than knowing how healthy your snacks from Metro are? We DEFINITELY CAN’T ! And our buddies felt the same passion for these topic as us.

Our next class is shaping up (currently in the planning process) to be just as thrilling and informative

Luzzi and Beth!

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