Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Hi There!

We are Holly and Megan and we teach the grade 5 and 6 split class at Rideau Public School!

Our aim when we became Peer Educators was to provide the students with health information in a fun and engaging way. We wanted to really develop a connection with the students. What we love most about the students at Rideau is that they love to learn. They are so engaged in our lessons, which allows us to have some great class discussions! The students have amazing critical thinking skills, sometimes they stump us with the questions they ask about why things in our society are the way they are! Our other favourite part is our anonymous question box, where the students can write questions to us that they might not feel comfortable asking in class. We think this is a great opportunity to get their real questions answered.

So far in the class, we have covered material on smoking, peer pressure, and effective decision making. Since January, we have split the class in two. Megan has been working with the grade 5s on alcohol and Holly has been with the grade 6s, teaching about marijuana and other illegal substances! In the next few weeks we are hoping to cover information to do with healthy living and eating. Following this, we would like to give the students the chance to be creative and have some fun by creating skits and posters to do with the information they have learned with us so far! We are also very excited for our last class, when we will all create time capsules with letters written to ourselves that we will open in 5 years!

We have had a great time being peer educators at Rideau. Every week is new and exciting. We really feel that we have learned a lot from the students as well which has been such a rewarding experience.

Holly & Megan

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