Monday, 1 February 2016

QECVI Futures Classroom

Hi everyone!

Our names are Anya and Carley and we are excited to tell you a little about our experience with the Queen Elizabeth Collegiate Vocational Institute’s (QECVI) Futures program! The Futures program consisted of QECVI female students along with around fifteen Grade 7 and 8 female students from Rideau Heights Public School. We had the pleasure of teaching in the classroom once a week, using YouTube videos and activities to enhance our lessons. The classroom was set up in a way that fostered a mentor-mentee relationship amongst the girls. We covered topics including social media use, cyber bullying, female empowerment and personal well-being. Diana Oke, the Future’s teacher, was a wonderful outlet for ideas and supported us as we picked topics that were relevant and beneficial to junior high and high school aged girls. Throughout the semester, we strived to create a safe environment where the girls felt comfortable expressing themselves and could take on leadership roles. We have really enjoyed teaching in this classroom and hope that QHO will have the opportunity to return in the future! We are very appreciative that Diana welcomed us into her class with open arms and for her constant support!

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