Monday, 28 March 2016

Hi everyone! 

We are Larkin and Carley, and together we teach the grade 7/8 split class at Frontenac Public School. Our time with this class has been amazing! So far, we have covered topics such as alcohol use, drug use, contraceptives, healthy relationships and sexual orientation. To enhance the classroom’s experience, we have incorporated many videos which the students love! We have also play games such as jeopardy. Other activities that we have ran include making comic strips, acting out scenarios and creating mental health posters. This classroom loves to be challenged! To challenge them, we incorporate many discussion questions within our lessons to stimulate dialog with the students. The students are incredible at sharing personal experiences and information they have heard outside of school to help add more to the lesson. In the future, we plan to continue teaching on the topic of sexual health. We also hope to cover topics such as nutrition and positive well-being. We are incredibly grateful to have had this experience at Frontenac Public School. We have loved teaching this classroom each week and have learned so much through this opportunity. Our teacher, Meghan Squarebriggs, has also been an incredible resource for us! She has helped with lesson planning and ensuring that the classroom remains focused during our lessons.

Thank you again Frontenac Public School & Mrs. Squarebriggs! We have loved working with you.

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