Sunday, 14 April 2013

Dear 16 year old me...

Hey Again,
                  We began our first program with the grade 4/5 class at Rideau Elementary School in February. I could have never imagined I would establish such a wonderful relationship with these children in such a short amount of time. We focused a lot on the effects of smoking and ways to say no. In one of our concluding lessons I had the grade 4s write a letter to their 16 year-old-self to review everything they learned thus far. The students all took this task extremely seriously, and their teacher intends on recommending this idea to other teachers at Rideau. In their letters they explained the long term effects of smoking, they wrote how to say no if someone offered, and they reminded themselves they wanted to live long, smoke-free lives. One student wrote, “I hope you never smoke, I hope we don’t get lung cancer. We both don’t want that. So promise me you won’t smoke, please. We have been learning about smoking and I know I can trust you to remember.” These were very touching letters to read, if I have influenced just one student to never smoke, than that is enough for me! On our very first day Emily and I asked the class, what a healthy life meant to them. We decided to re-ask this question on the last lesson and found that their answers had changed dramatically. They included healthy relationships, not bullying, sleeping, eating well, exercising, and not smoking. QHO was very effective in this classroom and is welcomed back next year!
Bethany xoxoxo

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