Sunday, 14 April 2013

Health Buddies Bid Farewell!

It is with great sadness to report that we said good bye to our wonderful health buddies at Central Elementary School last week. We started off the year with a strong nutrition focus, and then covered topics including smoking, substance abuse, and bullying. This class was extremely interested in discussion and always had incredible contributions to make. They were born performers, and loved to act out peer pressure scenarios. They were all so adamant that smoking was a habit they would never start! When discussing bullying, they learned the concept of ‘bystander.’ They admitted never realizing how important witnesses are, so we brainstormed ways bystanders could help. We also discussed conflict resolution; our theme was ‘two wrongs don’t make a right.” The bulling discussion was so successful we literally ran out of time, each student had so many things to say!  To end off the year we had two hip-hop dancers come to the class and teach them some sweeeeet moves. Each student was so excited to participate; there was a dancer inside each one of them! When we left the classroom, each student gave us a hug and demanded we come back to visit soon. Their teacher, Ms. Fitzgerald, pulled us aside after class and explained how effective the QHO program was for her class. Each student was so vibrant and unique, they have truly impacted Luzha and I. I honestly believe they will lead healthy and happy lives!
Much Love,

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