Thursday, 26 February 2015

Hey there!

Our names are Jonathan and Megan and we teach a grade 5/6 split class at Frontenac Public School every Friday afternoon. Our kids are very energetic and full of bright and complex ideas. Each student brings a unique perspective to this classroom. We’ve covered topics like how to address bullying and cyber bullying, healthy eating with an emphasis on the four food groups, as well as goal setting and self esteem. Additionally, some of our best classes have been on substance use, abuse and addiction and healthy decision making related to alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. During these lessons we could tell that our students were drawing from personal experiences and using their critical thinking skills well. Since many students in this class have difficulty with reading and writing, they love watching and discussing videos, applying their knowledge creatively through comic strips and posters as well as playing games like jeopardy. This week we will be covering mental health and stress management and are looking forward to jumping into a unit on body image and puberty! Working with the kids at Frontenac Public School has been an incredible experience for us. We have seen so much progress from our students in such a short amount of time and have learned so much from them in turn. We look forward to a new opportunity to grow with them each week!

Jonathan and Megan

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