Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Hi everyone!

We’re Madeleine and Hudson and we teach a grade 7/8 split class at Frontenac Public School every Wednesday right after their lunch break.  It is always exciting to see the students run in after their break, and it is sometimes a challenge to try to get them all settled and ready for the lesson.  As a class we have discussed at length substance use and abuse, including alcohol and drug abuse and the effects of smoking.  This seemed to be the topic the students were most interested in.  We have gone over both physical and mental health, and what defines a healthy relationship.  We have done this mainly through a discussion-based lecture, playing games, and showing videos.  Moving forward we plan on starting our sexual education unit starting tomorrow, which should take the next few weeks.  One of our goals going in to the year was to try to develop our students into taking their next step into high school.  It has been great to see the level of personal growth each of our students has gone through so far. At the beginning of the year some of the students were shy and did not raise their hands to answer our questions but now we regularly hang out and talk with the first students in from lunch.  Later this month we are planning on having our outreach day, where we are going to take the students outside of the classroom for some bowling.  Time has flown by and we cannot believe we are down to our last couple of lessons.  We are both really happy with how our classes have gone this year, as we feel the students have grown and learned lots, and so have we with them.

Madeleine and Hudson

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