Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Hi all,

Our names are Mytchel and Nicole and we teach once a week in the KCVI Street Smart program located in downtown Kingston. The students in this program are working towards completing their high school credits and there are a variety of different students attending each week. During the fall, our lessons were very discussion-based as this is what worked best for the students. We have presented on a range of topics regarding health promotion, including Healthy Eating, Drug Use and Marijuana. In this class, we are able to tailor the discussions to their own personal lives and stories that they share. The teacher, Trina, is extremely knowledgeable about the personal lives of all of her students and is able to offer insight and input that allows the students to stay focused and on-track. So far in the winter semester, we have taught lessons on Physical Activity and Healthy Relationships. For part of our lesson on healthy relationships, we had a list of attributes that described healthy and unhealthy aspects of a relationship – and had the students categorize them and explain why they put it in each category. We then talked about consent, signs of abuse, and what to do after a sexual assault and incorporated local resources. Our future lessons plans include topics such as Pregnancy and Contraceptives. We have really enjoyed teaching in this classroom and think that each student has something unique to learn from our Queen’s Healthy Outreach. We are very appreciative of Trina for allowing us to teach in her classroom and for her on-going support! 

Mytchel & Nicole

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